The Business Side of Music

What I saw growing up were teenagers who loved music but once it came time to pay the bills, they were not able to monetize their musical talents by building relationships and seeing themselves as a business.  Eventually they ended up frustrated and broke, and ultimately turning to other means of employment and letting go of their musical dreams.  Now as an educator, I have seen the same thing happen for students graduating from music schools.  Their music skills may be refined but if their people and networking skills are not, having a successful career becomes less of an option.    


TURNING A DREAM INTO REALITY • How to create a vision for your career, set goals and make it happen

MINDSET OVER SKILLSET • Physical and mental preparation for auditions, recording sessions, live performance

YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH • Marketing, Networking and building Mutually Beneficial Relationships

MAGNIFY AND MULTIPLY • How to make the most of every opportunity and turn each one into five more

PROFESSIONALISM • How to be a Star on stage and a Business Person off stage

THE BUSINESS OF MUSIC • How to set your rate, negotiate, and financially survive in town and on the road

This Workshop is not limited to any one particular instrument or style/genre of music.  It is for anyone who wants a successful life playing music including musicians, engineers, producers and others.

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