Custom drum set made from vintage 1960's-70's 3-ply shells.  Shells were recovered in chrome finish by Mark Carter.  Matt also plays a 1976 set of clear Vistalites with a 26" kick.  Snare is a 6.5" Black Beauty with Canopus 42-strand wires.  To see photos of the restoration and read the story in Not So Modern Drummer click here

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Kick Batter: Black Dot 26" or 28"
Kick Front: Smooth White Ambassador

​Toms Top: Black Dot 14" 18" 20"
Toms Bottom:
Smooth White Ambassador
Snare Top: Coated Emperor X
Snare Bottom: Snare Bottom

A • 15" 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hats

B • 20" 2002 Medium Crash

C • 24" Giant Beat Ride/Crash or Rev Al's Ride

D • 20" 2002 Medium Crash

E • 22" 2002 China

F • 20" 2002 Medium Crash

G • 6" 2002 Splash (Matt does not encourage

            the use of splash cymbals except for extreme              situations) 

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5000 Series bass drum and hi-hat pedals


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