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How's Your Music Career? Would you like to be further along? Having trouble getting started? Need to define or refine your goals?  Many times being "Realistic" leads us to abandon our dreams.  But expecting to be happy while denying our true desires is the most UN-Realistic plan ever.  Let Matt help you.  Your dreams ARE realistic and achievable.  Matt is available for Career Consultation for all musicians and creative people, not just drummers.  Sessions can be booked all over the world via Skype. Anything is possible. If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it.






1 year (1xMonth)

$1620 (10% OFF)

Single Session 

60min - $135 (10% OFF)

3 Pack 

$405 (10% OFF)



Many people talk the talk in Los Angeles but very few actually walk the walk ! Matt Starr walks the walk!!! Matt is not just a great drummer... he's also a great singer, guitar player, songwriter, producer..besides music he's a great marketer...a Master at marketing and branding...1 hour of Matt's career consultation service was enough to show me the light on how to take my career to the next level...his experience in the music business and life in general will help any artist of any level ... specially if is a Pro stuck in a career plateau... Call Matt !!! You won't regret it!!! - J.J. (Los Angeles, CA)


Since graduating college 5 years ago, I was just bouncing around from one opportunity or idea to the next, but I was never really getting anywhere. Matt helped me to define and focus on my true goals, and make better decisions towards those goals. He's helped me to see opportunities that I had a hard time seeing myself, at first. He showed me how to create better daily habits. He has also advised me on how to best approach business opportunities. Since working with him, my career has made a total 180. I'm recording, drumming, engineering, and looking at going on my first tour. - Katie F (Houston, TX)


From the beginning, Matt listened carefully to the questions I had about accelerating my career. From there he helped me to clarify what I truly wanted and how to approach getting it. Matt provided me with tips and tools I started using that day! After I started getting better professional connections through his guidance, I was able to expand and modify what I learned from Matt in other areas. He also checked in later on to monitor my progress and for that I am truly grateful. I highly recommend that anyone interested in a music career talk to Matt! - Blake (Hartford, CT)


After just one hour of Matt’s career counseling, I had a very clear idea of my goals and a game plan on how to make them a reality. I learned so much from Matt, including how to make myself more marketable and how to network more effectively. Since then, I have started making many connections in the music industry which have led to amazing opportunities. Matt has great advice and years of experience; I would definitely recommend his career counseling to everyone. - Emily (Los Angeles, CA)


Imagine - What if Keith Moon or John Bonham stopped what they were doing and put time aside specifically, to help you reach any goal your heart desired. Would you say no? Any instrument or any style of music. Whatever your situation or goals. Matt takes time and really listens to you. He is practical with a limitless view that mixes potential with possibilities. After one meeting with Matt , I've come away with a do-able battle plan , ready to take the steps that once seemed far away - but were right under my nose. - Mark F (Los Angeles, CA)


I've always known I wanted to have a career in music, but I didn't quite know how to get the ball rolling. I wasn't sure how to prioritize my goals. After an hour long session with Matt, I had a clearer picture of what I wanted to achieve. I'm now taking the necessary steps to move my music career forward. I highly recommend Matt's Career Counseling Sessions to anyone looking pursuing a music career. - Tim B (Boston, MA)


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